This is my story page. Check back to learn more about who I am.

Guess its time for you to learn a little about me. And yes, I mean a little! First of all, I enjoy writing blog about different topics, but hate discussing me. My name is Jesse, I’m from Central Florida. I am a recent graduate with a BA degree. My hobbies include going to the movies (preferably action movies), out to eat and working out. Well, working out has actually become a lifestyle now. I usually begin my day with a intense 30-45 minute workout then its off to my 9-5. I won’t mention what I do for a living now, being that I do hate it and don’t plan on being there long! Anyways, that’s about it when it comes to me!

Oh, I forgot…. I have two dogs and a best friend that I spend most of my free time with. Sorry, that’s all you get.

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