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The Thought of Owning Residential Property with a Pool in Foreign Country? Is It Possible? Home and Pool Upkeep Possible Problem? Let’s Discuss!

This fool proof plan does not only work while you are living in the states. It will work where ever you choose to live. If you want to keep your day job and just have the income from your rental properties be extra security money, but you also have a deep desire to live abroad […]

Owning Two Properties with Pools

Once you have moved out of your first home with out selling it and have found your second home which is better suited to you, you can hire a company that you like to manage your first property for you. Easy peasy, let them deal with the tenants, the maintenance, the stress. All you will […]

The Real Estate Game

The secret income of owning real estate is a fairly easy business to get into. The majority of people do not realize how easy it is to get into the real estate game. It all begins when you buy your first home. You love that home and improve it every chance you get. The day […]