The Thought of Owning Residential Property with a Pool in Foreign Country? Is It Possible? Home and Pool Upkeep Possible Problem? Let’s Discuss!

This fool proof plan does not only work while you are living in the states. It will work where ever you choose to live. If you want to keep your day job and just have the income from your rental properties be extra security money, but you also have a deep desire to live abroad why not make your dreams come true?

Today, the dream of owning a fully furnished home, pool and relaxing lawn layout is becoming more and more common with the folks that can afford it. Most people rule it out before researching, but if you take your time to look at it, there are a few countries that are some-what recruiting people to come to their country and build. In my opinion, these would be the ideal locations, possibly cheaper, more space and less traffic.Residential Property with Pool in Foreign Countries

Just ponder on these tips: First find a new job in the country of your dreams and go! let all the properties you own in the states work for you and pay for your house across the big blue sea. Just imagine being able to live far away, secluded from traffic, noise, and others. Live life like the locals.

Next, explore the region. Living the life with residual income coming in from simply investment properties will give you and your family opportunities you could only dream of if you sold your house every time you have the urge or need to move to a new home or location. This is the way it was meant to be. Back in the days when there were no houses, you would build a house, live in it till you did not fit anymore and then build another but all the while you would have tenants living in your first home. Work must be put in for it to produce income, however this is one of the easiest ways to make income. Be a good, honest, caring property owner and everyone will benefit from the situation. Your tenants will have a nice safe place to live, which you already know because you lived there yourself! You will be continually building your investment on that first home, and those that may follow, all the while living in a way that suits you best.

Upkeep or the more known definition “maintenance” would seem impossible with a nice home, pool, and lawn. Great thing you are open for suggestions. I would suggest that you hire trusted locals, possibly a local pool company, to come by once or twice a month or even rent out space to a local handy man. Most of the time it’s not tough to find people who will move in, just finding people you can trust will be key.

Either way, if you are looking to invest abroad, due diligence will be very, and I mean “VERY” important! Don’t be lazy or cut corners and you will find a property with pool and other amenities that your family will enjoy for a lifetime.

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